Shelter is a basic human need. while the demand for housing increases The prices of these basic necessities continue to rise. This makes it quite difficult for the new generation to build a house. Houses and other types of dwellings It has become one of the most promising real estate investment tools.

One often controversial alternative investment property type is to invest in a landed house or apartment. This apartment is a vertical housing that began to appear in Indonesia in the 1980s. So which one is better? Investing an apartment or house for millennials?

Pros and Cons of Apartment Investing for Millennials


1. Complete facilities

One of the advantages of investing in an apartment compared to a house is that the amenities are relatively complete. Developers often provide fully furnished apartments and amenities such as jogging tracks, swimming pools, playgrounds, parking lots, and more. Suite maintenance and waste management. You just need to contact the manager.

2. Strategic location

Apartments are an alternative to living today. because they are often built in strategic locations Whether it’s near the office or near public facilities accessible to office buildings, such as near expressways, MRT stations, shopping malls, etc. This makes it easier for apartment dwellers to commute to work without interruption. in traffic

3. The purchase price is cheaper than the house

If buying a house, the entire land must be purchased while if buy an apartment,You only need to buy the device. However, it depends on the type of apartment you buy. You see, the purchase price of an apartment such as a penthouse or condominium is often the same as the purchase price of a home.


1.Limited place

The first disadvantage of apartment investing is the limited space. If you live in an apartment You cannot increase the area of ​​the building on the side or as high as a house. It’s definitely inconvenient if you’re not used to living in small spaces, have kids, or enjoy outdoor activities like gymnastics or gardening.

2. Less child-friendly

Each apartment usually has a playground or nursery. You have to go up or down several floors. Your child’s comfort is also important when living in an apartment. This is because the apartment you choose may not be soundproof. Therefore, crowds caused by children can disturb neighbors. There are also many stories of parents being left alone in their apartments where life was threatened due to the lack of safety facilities for their children.

3. Individualism

in general The people who live in the apartments are city people who go to work and come home to rest. therefore less interaction with neighbors Apartment managers rarely have facilities that support coexistence, such as shared lectures or religious events. But the level of individualism of those who live in this type of dwelling is somewhat higher than that of land-based homes.

4. Apartments are harder to use as collateral.

The Home Ownership Certificate (SHM) is one of the strongest supporting documents for applying for a bank loan. As an apartment owner You will not have this certificate. But there is a Unit Flat Ownership Certificate, or SHMRS, which in this certificate will be listed if you only own the apartment and exclude the land and surrounding facilities.

Pros and Cons of Investing in a Home for Millennials


1. More flexible

Generally, houses are more spacious than apartments. Even if you can only buy or build a small house, over time. You will be able to expand this house again, forward, backward, or upward. This is because you also own the land.

2. Easier to pledge

as mentioned above Owning a home and land is easier to secure with a bank using SHM. The reason is because a lot of people want a landed house. Therefore, the bank will be easier to resell.

3. Have a wider market share

Usually, those who need apartments are white-collar workers who want comfortable living near their offices. Therefore, the market share is specific. It is different from a home that can be occupied by everyone from office workers to artists to professionals.


1. The price is quite expensive.

Because buying land at the same time, usually the price of a house is more expensive than an apartment. Especially if you are looking for a house located in the heart of the city. Not to mention that homes are often sold unfurnished. Therefore, you have to fill the furniture yourself.

Although it’s quite expensive, but you don’t have to pay cash because it helps. Bank home loanBut be careful to get hit. offer good one

2. Facilities don’t have to be complete.

Homes, especially those located in villages, often don’t have apartment-owned amenities. As a result, you may find it difficult to get to the office. How far is your child’s school from other public places?

3. Location

The location factor determines the selling price and the purchase price of a home. as a buyer You will find that house prices in villages are relatively cheaper than homes in strategic locations. On the other hand, for sellers, a non-strategic location of homes will lower the selling price so that he or she loses.

Apartment vs house investment, which one is better?

In addition to the advantages and disadvantages above There are still several factors to consider: Investing in a Home for MillennialsSome of these factors are:

  1. housing settings If you like quiet and practical An apartment is definitely better than a house.
  2. price. It is possible that the price of an apartment in the city center is equivalent to the price of a house in the suburbs.
  3. business potential. In addition to the economic development of the Indonesian people There is also the possibility that suburban areas will be developed to provide more business potential.
  4. convenienceComfort includes a number of factors such as air quality, safety, social interactions, etc.
  5. need if you are single You don’t need a big house. Another case, if you already have children.
  6. convenient payment. Not all houses and apartments Can be bought with a mortgage and TAT, so be sure to ask this question to your home seller. Also, make sure you use the bank with the lowest mortgage interest rates.

Housing is not just an investment. but also the basic necessities that cost a lot Buy it once and hope it will be forever. Therefore, choosing a dream home requires a number of precautions and considerations.


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