I’m one of those people who might prefer to update anything manually, whether it’s Windows Update, Browser, Antivirus or others, and one of the applications I also use is Visual Studio Code, apart from being free, there are many extension useful which increases my productivity at work.

Now, because I like to do application updates manually, can we also turn off the Auto Update feature in Visual Studio Code?, because as we know, this application always checks for updates every time it is opened.

The answer Of course you can, and here WinPoin summarizes the short steps for How to Turn Off Auto Update in Visual Studio Code.

Step 1. First in Visual Studio Code, please open Settings. Click icon gears > Settings.

Step 2. In section Applications > Updates, more precisely on the ID (update.mode), please set it from Default (Start) Becomes Manual or None if you don’t want to update Visual Studio Code.

Well after that, the Visual Studio Code application will automatically ask you to-restart app, so save all your work, and go ahead restart the Visual Studio Code application. If you’re done, now update mode from Visual Studio Code is in accordance with preference the one you chose earlier, either way None, Manual, Start or Defaults.

Please try guys.

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