The news about changing Manifest v2 to v3 in the Chromium browser is still a hot topic in the last few weeks, because how not, with the change of Manifest v2 to v3, a number of extensions in the browser may lose some of their capabilities, especially if it’s the Adblock extension which may be quite a lot his fans.

Regarding Manifest v3, in January 2023, Google will start implementing that version on their browsers, and all extensions of Manifest v2 will be discontinued, on the other hand, Mozilla has announced that they will see the progress and will decide what to do next.

Time has passed, Mozilla on its Blog page has now confirmed that it plans to Keep going supports Manifest v2 along with the new Manifest v3. Where that is, means the extension with Manifest v2 will still run on Firefox even after the Google-given deadline goes into effect.

” a reminder that Mozilla plans to continue support for the Manifest v2 blocking WebRequest API (this API powers, for example, uBlock Origin) while simultaneously supporting Manifest v3.” Mozilla wrote on its blog page.

However, let’s just see in the future, whether Mozilla will continue to stick with Manifest v2 which runs side by side with Manifest v3, or follow Google’s footsteps with the entire line of Chromium browsers.

Via : Mozilla, Ghacks


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