Previously we already knew about 3 Ways to Enable Compact View in Windows 11where with Compact View distance padding between icons in File Explorer will change.

Compact View if disabled
Compact View if enabled

Now regarding Compact View, did you know that in Windows 11 Insider Build 25182, it turns out that not only the Padding Navigation pane has changed, but now Address bar in File Explorer it becomes smaller. Here is a comparison quoted from DeskModder.

This change is certainly quite a good thing, considering the compact view the view of the File Explorer will be smaller and not take up much space on the screen that the user has.

For now, unfortunately the changes seem to have only been presented to a number of Insider Dev Channel users, but if you happen to be a Windows 11 Insider Build 25182 user, comment below guys, did you like the changes? Compact View this, or do you prefer the previous look?.

Comment below guys

Via : DeskModder


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