Around September 9, 2022 yesterday, I was using Windows 11 22H2 (Build 22622) which I installed via Windows Insider Beta Channel, overall, all Windows 11 experience was quite perfect and no problems occurred.

But as time goes by, and then I often open webcams because there is an activity that requires me to take part in an online seminar via Zoom, there is one problem that makes me quite annoyed, namely every time my camera is “On”, right, Windows 11 that I use suddenly GSOD.

~ For those who don’t know, GSOD or Greenscreen of Death is a BSOD for Windows Insider users, basically the same as BSOD, only the color is not blue, but green.

If you follow my twitter you may have brought this tweet, where I said that by downgrading to build 22621, the problem was resolved.

But friends, it turns out that the problem is only temporarily resolved, so every time I try to open camera access, whatever application it is Windows 11 always gets an error and always ends up with the same GSOD (unfortunately I forgot the photo).

Which webcam do I use?

I use a Webcam from Logitech, namely Logitech C270, this webcam in my opinion is quite ok for conducting online meetings. If I use the Laptop’s built-in Webcam (which is sadly very dotted), the problem strangely doesn’t occur, so from there I started to speculate that this is a problem of Logitech C270 driver compatibility with my Windows 11.

Cause of the problem and Corrective steps

After a long time looking for various references and hopefully there will be corrective steps on the Internet that might be resolved thanks to the same problem from other people, but unfortunately there are no references to this problem, so I have to rack my brain so that the webcam can be on when needed.

After a while I was quite emotional with the GSOD problem, I opened Device Manager > Cameras.

Then I tried to uninstall the driver and hope everything will run normally without any problems.

Long story short, my Windows 11 has been restarted and when I restarted the camera, the good news is that the GSOD problem doesn’t reappear, and the camera runs without any problems, be it on Zoom, Google Classroom, or in other applications.

Investigate a calibaration, it turns out that this problem is caused by Driver update : Logitech Image v.13.80.853.0 which is present as an optional driver in Windows Update.

Where the driver is not installed, the problem does not occur again in Windows 11 that I use.

Now strangely, this compatibility issue only occurs between the driver version and Windows 11, while in Windows 10, the problem does not occur at all.

So, for those of you who may encounter the same problem, it’s a good idea not to install the driver that is available on Settings > Windows Update > Advanced options > Optional updates.

Currently, I’m using Windows 11 22H2 with Build 22621,601, and the webcam can run normally without any problems.

So that’s my rant and experience regarding the GSOD problem due to this Logitech driver compatibility issue with Windows 11, did you encounter the same problem with other devices? comment below guys.


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