There is one interesting thing in additional updates via Extended Security Update from Microsoft for Windows 7, which was reported by DeskModder, apparently on the update KB5017361 released in September 2022 yesterday, Microsoft has added support secureboot and UEFI on Windows 7.

A little further on, Windows 7 x64 has received the updated bootx64.efi and bootmgfw.efi which now supports secureboot under UEFI, and with that this OS works fine on Intel 10th and 12th Gen CPUs.

However, with that, you need to update the graphics driver considering that VGA.sys and VGApnp.sys have not been updated, otherwise Windows 7 will be stuck at the boot logo.

Now one thing that is still a mystery is why Microsoft integrated secure boot and didn’t even publicly announce this, even until the Extended Security Update ended today.

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via: DeskModder, Neowin

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