Who here is the user of the “I don’t care about cookies” extension on the browser you are using? If so, then there is some interesting news, because I don’t care about cookies that Avast has acquired.

Now for those who don’t know, this extension itself is quite useful for those of you who don’t like notifications about cookies that usually appear on certain websites, by installing this extension or entering filter list on adblock that you use, you can skip all notifications cookies it automatically.

Regarding this acquisition, based on the announcementI don’t care about cookies announce that after 10 years working in project Finally, Avast offered to acquire the I don’t care about cookies project, which is expected to bring a better improvement to the I don’t care about cookies product.

After exactly 10 years of maintaining this project and dealing with cookie/GDPR pop-ups on my own, I am proud and happy to say that Avats – a famous and trustworthy IT company known for the wide range of products that help secure our digital experience , has recognized its value!” Says Daniel / I don’t care about cookies.

This acquisition also makes I don’t care about cookies a part of the Avast family.

Avast offered to acquire the project so that we can help each other in creating even better products and I decided to accept the offer: “I don’t care about cookies” is now officially a member of Avast family ”

For users I don’t care about cookies that don’t like Avast this certainly doesn’t sound good enough, but hopefully Avast can help improve this project without any changes in the extension itself.

So, are you a user of I don’t care about cookies? please give your opinion below guys.

Via : I don’t care about cookies

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