Did you ever imagine that the Apple Watch would have a camera? It’s natural that you never think about it. But Apple is imagining that the Apple Watch will have a camera in the future.

Reporting from Apple Insider, Apple is still trying hard to embed the camera on the Apple Watch. One strong candidate is the camera in the Digital Crown section.

Apart from technical challenges, Apple will of course be faced with ethical challenges and privacy issues. This is because the camera on the Apple Watch can of course be used to take pictures secretly.

Taking photos secretly is certainly more “safe” for the perpetrator and the target will also not feel “intimidated” because they are more likely to not be aware.

Apple still hasn't given up on Apple Watch having a camera

According to the latest patent from Apple, users will only need to point the Digital Crown at the object they want to take a picture of.

Even though it already has the patent, it’s not necessarily Apple will make it happen. We’ll just have to wait and see what Apple’s next steps will be.

via Apple Insiders


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