Are you bored with the Lightning connector? Lightning technology has been a mainstay of Apple since more than 10 years ago. Back then Lightning was a great innovation.

But now Lightning is one of the outdated technologies. How not, Lightning transfer speeds are equivalent to the outdated USB 2.0 technology.

Now comes a new technology called USB-C. Small, compact and reversible ports like Lightning offer much higher transfer speeds.

Apple was previously rumored to be switching from Lightning to USB-C in the iPhone 2023. But now news has emerged that Apple will switch to USB-C completely.

This information was conveyed by Ming-Chi Kuo. He is one person who is quite credible in divulging various Apple products that have not been released to the market.

That means, various accessories such as AirPods cases, AirPods Max, Magic Keyboard, Mouse, Trackpad, and others will soon switch to USB-C.

Do you think there will be an increase in product prices?

via MacRumors


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